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 Let the coffee buying for 2024 commence!

Welcome! We are inviting you to join us on a journey to Guatemala’s coffee scene. We (Torch Coffee Company) have partnered with some of the small-holder, micro producers here in the different regions of Guatemala to bring you some of its finest coffees that Guatemala has to offer! We are looking for roasters, buyers, and importers to improve the “direct trade” ideal to actually do what it was set out to do.


When is the best time to travel to Guatemala for purchasing coffee?

The best time for visiting Guatemala to find the high quality coffees is right at the end of harvest season. In Guatemala harvest usually happens between December through March. This is why we have decided to plan these tours for the spring, giving you a great opportunity on first picks on this new season coffees.


What Is The Purpose Of A Coffee Buying Tour? 

 The fact of the matter is that in Guatemala, even though roasters and buyers hope to connect and directly trade with producers, it just isn’t the case, it’s easier said than done. We are here to help facilitate a new way in which buyers can connect, visit and buy coffee directly with producers.
Hence, our Coffee Buying Tour!


Travel Tour to Guatemala

Have you ever wanted to travel to Guatemala and connect and buy directly from local coffee farmers? Now is your chance! We have designed a “Coffee Buying Tour” to help shop owners, roasters, green buyers and importers who value the importance of direct trade, to come and do just that! We have arranged all the traveling, lodging and food accommodations for you so all you need to do is connect with producers and buy great coffee!


Why Is Direct Trade With Producers So Important?

As we all well know, the intent of direct trade and fair trade has been around for a while now. But–rather than it actually helping where it is needed most–it has become a way of marketing coffee. This tour is helping producers increase their standard of life for themselves and their families. And that is why we have partnered with them to better develop direct trading.



 Since working in the coffee industry, we have quickly realized that in Guatemala and in producing countries, how much time and consideration is put into the production of coffee, and family needs, producers live very challenging and sometimes stressful lives. We have seen and heard from producers the desire to be able to connect and sell directly with roasters and buyers in the hopes of selling their coffee at much better prices than selling through an exporting company. We have also seen a lot of roasters and buyers who have traveled to Guatemala in hopes of being able to meet with producers and buy direct, but unfortunately finding these connections a lot more difficult than anticipated.


March Tours: (1)

  • March 9 - 13

April Tours: (3)

  • April 2-6

  • April 16-20

  • April 24-28


Trip schedule during the week might change slightly according to real time situations (Adventures in Guatemala ;) 


Limited spots available for each of these tours.


Week Schedule:

DAY 01


We will spend visiting Felipe Gascon and his farm “Finca Gascon” right outside of Antigua. There we will be able to cup this season's coffee directly on his farm.

DAY 03


 We will spend the day in Solola, by Lake Atitlan, and visit CoAtitlan Co-op and cup coffees from producers in the region.

DAY 05

DAY 02


We will travel to Acatenango and spend the day at “Finca La Senda” with producers Arnoldo and Maria Eugenia Perez. 

DAY 04


We will head to Santa Rosa and visit “Vista Hermosa” farm and spend the day with producer Freddy Orantes and his family. There we will first cup coffees directly from Vista Hermosa farm then visit a new co-op initiative to connect and cup coffees from other producers in the area. 


On the final day, we will head back to the city to review the coffees from the past five days that have been cupped during the tour. We will also cup some additional coffees from other areas in Guatemala and prepare orders and coffee purchases. Torch Team will be there to assist those who have additional questions and/or need help with exporting (see Exporting Terms and Conditions for more information).


Registration Deadline:

  • For trips in April, deadline is March 15th

  • 50% non-refundable deposit is due to reserve your stop one month before the tour. 

  • The rest of payment is due two weeks before your tour (see dates).

 For additional questions or concerns before purchase be sure to reach out ( as soon as possible so you can reserve your spot! 


-Pack light! Bring comfortable clothes and shoes for potential ruff and dusty terrain for the farm and co-op tours.

-Bring bug spray and sunscreen for visiting the beautiful montain and volcanoes of Guatemala!

- Health and Travel Insurance are recommended.

- Additional days before or after the tour to enjoy beautiful Guatemala!


$1900 (USD)

Check what is included


What All Is Included In The Tour:

  1. Accommodation, Transportation and Food during the tour. (excluding food a few free evenings will not be included *please see schedule for details) (*Accommodation the night before the tour begins and the night after the tour ends is not included)

  2. Introducing and connecting you to coffee producers.

  3. Visiting multiple Farms in Guatemala.

  4. Advice and guidance on fair prices and agreements with producers. 

  5. Cupping sessions of pre-selected samples from multiple producers.

  6. Buy directly from producers and insuring the producers are getting paid.


What Is Not Included In Your Tour:

  1. Flights to and from Guatemala City will not be included in the price of these tours.

  2. Accommodation, Transportation and Food before and after tour dates are not included. (We may provide recommendations/ help for booking accommodations for additional days that you are visiting.)

  3. All preparation, milling, documentation, shipping and export fees for your coffee, will not be included in the price of these tours OR the price of the coffees you purchase from the producer. (Please contact us for more information on the export process and how we may assist you in that process.) 


 Let the coffee buying for 2024 commence



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